Fraud and Risk Management ("FRM")

Fraud Risk Management (“FRM”) is an ongoing process providing an organisation with the tools to manage fraud and risk in a manner consistent with the regulatory requirements with the key objective to detect and prevent  fraud and risk within the organisation

Data Protection

Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss. Legislation compliance requirements include: GDPR, POPIA etc and can no longer be disregarded. We strongly recommend that data is encrypted whether it is in storage, in transit or send through communication channels.

Secure Cloud Services

Moving to the “cloud” is both convenient and cost-effective and an easy to adopt offering for many organizations. It is important for us to make sure our clients can effortlessly limit their risks by using our cost-effective cloud offering.

Security Awareness Training

One of the most important components in minimizing risk in any organization is through regular training. Our cloud training solution is easy to adopt and implement, fun with a full planned program. Simulation training is one of the most effective ways to train and measure results on a regular basis

Email and Social Media Protection

Email is the most used business communication tool and imposters use sophisticated ways to use email as a tool to gain financially. Hard-to-detect threats in both email and social media have costs companies billions to date. Reputational risk and money loss should be prevented at all times.

Secure Mobile Communication

The need for Secure mobile communication has become extremely important to organizations to prevent eavesdropping or interception by fraudsters. Secure Mobile communications should include messaging, documents and most important business should be able to manage the system to prevent data leakage at all costs.


Information Risk and Compliance Solutions Provider

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Internationally Accredited Risk and Compliance Solutions Provider

CONDYN is an internationally accredited Risk and Compliance  Solutions Provider that prides itself on delivering superior Risk and Compliance solutions to both corporate and government business in sub- Saharan Africa. CONDYN has competent professionals on board and, together with our Vendors and Channel Partners, we ensure that customer satisfaction on time, every time.