On 16 May SearchInform kicked off its Road Show 2018 under the theme Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security in Centurion, Gauteng, and attracted local information security experts as well as top managers and executives.

The company entered the South African market in March 2018 and has immediately engaged businesses to showcase its solutions and why these offer a never-seen-before quality. SearchInform represents a fresh perspective on cyber security, replacing a standard Data Leak Prevention (DLP) with innovative Money Loss Prevention (MLP).

At the road show, SearchInform experts explained the difference between the old and the new approach and indicated the essentials which make MLP the optimal solution.  Attendees were alerted to the multiple array of threats a company should be aware of and heard about real-life cases involving incidents due to human behaviour, from both an employer and employee perspective. These incidents are a powerful reminder to security-conscious decision-makers never to take the human factor for granted.

SearchInform DLP + Forensic Suite product was introduced as a number of independent modules which could be integrated for comprehensive control. The components are responsible for monitoring various communication channels and data storages and alert company managers and information security officers to any violations of security policies.

SearchInform has already conducted a highly successful road show across seven countries within the Latin America region this year. Information security research is carried out during the conferences, the results of which all the attendees will learn in Autumn 2018.

Commenting on the South African road show to date, Jorina Van Rensburg, MD of SearchInform South Africa, said it has been very successful. “Our goal was to get the message about the holistic MLP technology across. I would like to believe we managed to do that as we received multiple inquiries about how to apply SearchInform products in various business settings.

“The benefits of this futuristic technology are substantial, ranging from reducing money loss due to fraud and corruption, to optimising your human resources and work efficiency. In terms of comprehensive economic security, SearchInform is definitely a trend-setter in South Africa. I’m glad to be able to say that we’re winning more and more hearts and minds of the local business community,” van Rensburg added.


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