About us

Condyn Security Solutions Provider | IT Security Specialists

Mission Statement and Philosophy:

To help ensure that your business remains your business, is OUR business

Condyn has been focused on the provision of security solutions as well as encryption solutions since 1998 and prides itself on its ability to dynamically evolve as the market requirements change. Our philosophy is to stay ahead of the threat and anticipate future trends and tendencies within the Information Security arena

Vision and Direction

It is our approach to listen to the customers’ challenges, analyse world market trends and adapt our approach after carefully weighing up the challenges and trends in line with the global market, specifically tailored to the needs of the African market, with the support of world leaders in the Information Security arena.




Jorina van Rensburg
CEO Condyn

Research and Evaluation

As a result, we have created a Risk and Compliance Framework that focuses on the essential elements of Information Security. The approach has the benefits of addressing the current need in the market of assessing risk and complying with local and international legislation, best practices and standards.

What sets this Information Security Risk and Compliance framework branded as Problok Hypershield© apart from all others is that its focus is not on product but on solution provision. Through our processes we assess the clients need and develop a cost effective, focussed Information Security solution that enables security and allows the business to focus on its core business without the agonize of security. The uniqueness of this approach is that it is not dependant on any one technology but strives to integrate existing security infrastructure to enhance the security posture of the organisation. This results in a significant cost saving to the organisation.

It is internationally accepted that the threat is no longer from the outside (although this cannot be ignored) but emanates from inside the company. The incidence of the loss of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets from within a company has become more prevalent both locally and abroad.

This is but one example of the change of the source of the Information Security threat. Implementing technology as a solution to this threat is in itself not a solution.

What is required is a robust set of Information Security policies to ensure that the technology can be enabled and security enforced. It is an internationally accepted fact that the presence of technology alone does not guarantee enforcement or security.

Supporting this dynamic Problok Hypershield© are a range of security products provided by world market leaders that are locally managed, installed and supported by Condyn’ s certified security experts.


The company was founded as a network company in 1995 by the CEO Jorina van Rensburg. In 1998, the company has moved its entire focus to Information Security distribution due to the dramatic increase and demand from the customers for a trusted party to supply, install, support and consult on Information Security.

As an accredited distributor of several internationally market leading security solutions, we have in the past 21 years, successfully installed and implemented large complex solutions for many high profile customers, both in the Public and Private sectors. Many of these solutions are fully operational, and scalable to the point where we provide extensive managed service capabilities and provision to major entities in South Africa and Africa.

Social Responsibility

We educate, facilitate and consult to many institutions on various levels of information security and compliance. Based on our ethical relationships we have formed with both end-users and partners; we maintain our integrity by instilling confidence in our business practices with everyone that require our services.

Project scoping, skills transfer, and standards-based projections, affords us the opportunity to differentiate our solutions in an industry plagued by point solutions, and a lack of skilled and qualified specialists in the IT security world.

The Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals, that form the backbone of our organisation. Our Professional Services Team, together with our International Vendors and Suppliers, ensure that we deliver on our contractual agreements to our clients.

The Solution

Condyn took a different approach. It’s solution has been designed to support a much broader and richer set of requirements. The building blocks form this solution are modular in design in that they can be adopted step by step as the organisation requires them, to provide both ‘point’ solutions where required, as well as a strategic platform through staged adoption over time. Protecting existing investments, driven by the real needs of the organisation, this holistic approach ensures that both immediate and longer term requirements are met through a single source and relationship.

Condyn is staffed by personnel that have abundant experience in IT, both in the networking and security environment. They are often called upon by both the public and private sector to assist in Information Security related issues and provide advice on the best solution to fit the organisations individual circumstances.