DLP Data Leakage Prevention

What is DLP – Data Leakage Prevention?

Insiders and intruders may very well be the greatest security threat to business today, as they have access to the most valuable asset – information.

SearchInform DLP is a solution that protects businesses and other institutions against harmful insider activities, both intentional and negligent, and against loss and leakage of sensitive information, all of which could lead to serious financial losses and damage to reputation.

The system control virtually all information flows

  • Scans the content of e-mails, messages, attachments, documents, archives, scanned copies\
  • Controls social network interactions, messengers, blogs, forums, websites, comments
  • Monitors compliance with and enforces corporate security policie
  • Manages archives of intercepted information to provide for retrospective analysis necessary during investigations

The system controls company resources and information

  • Controls creating, moving, changing of confidential documents on computers and laptops
  • Keeps track of data copying to PC, external USB-drives, printing
  • Controls data upload from workstations to cloud services


The system monitors employee activities and behavior to help identify risk groups

  • Detects disloyal, negatively-minded employees
  • Finds employees who are in search of a new job
  • Monitors work-load and productivity of employees, finds violators of working discipline
  • Helps to identify opinion leaders in the company and to find sources of gossip and unprofessional conduct


To successfully fight against data leaks caused by negligence or malicious intent, all data flows need to be captured and analyzed. SearchInform DLP technology allows to control the maximum number of data channels available today, thus providing for the most reliable comprehensive protection