Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management

What is Identity and Access Management?

As your customers use more cloud services, they are seeking better ways to manage cloud access – and offer an easier login experience to their users with SSO. We can help them do to this easily by moving to SafeNet Trusted Access.

SafeNet Trusted Access is an access management service that combines the convenience of single sign-on with granular access security.


Gemalto’s identity and access management products utilize strong authentication to enable enterprises and trust centers to secure access, identities, and interactions.  Our solutions include cloud-based or server-based management platforms, advanced development tools,​ and the broadest range of authenticators.

Gemalto’sTrusted Access works as follows and is a cloud based solution:

1) Identifies the user

2) Assesses permissions

3) Applies the appropriate access controls with Smart single sign on.

Authentication Management Platforms in the cloud or On-Site

1) Gemalto’s enterprise-grade authentication management platform enables secure access, network access, and PKI digital signing as well as extensive certificate lifecycle management.

2) Generate dynamic one-time passwords (OTPs) for authenticating users to critical applications wherever they reside, from any device.

3) Gemalto’s OOB authenticators utilize external channels such as SMS or email to send dynamic passwords to users.

4) PKI Smartcards -Strong, yet simple, Gemalto smart cards offer strong multi-factor authentication in a traditional credit card form factor and enable organizations to address PKI security needs ranging from remote access, network access, password management, network logon, corporate badging to digital signing and secure transactions.

5) USB PKI Tokens – Gemalto USB tokens utilize PKI technology to generate and store credentials, such as private keys, passwords and digital certificates inside the protected environment of the smart card chip stored on a trusted USB device.