Messaging Security

Messaging Security

Why do I need messaging Security?

 Messaging Security is a total solution that provides protection for companies’ messaging infrastructure. The programs include verifying the senders address (IP Address), reputation-based anti-spam, pattern-based anti-spam, administrator defined block/allow lists, mail antivirus, zero-hour antivirus, malware and ransomware detection and email intrusion prevention.

Email is still the most used communication tool on the web today. Contracts get negotiated, deals get negotiated, information is supplied through mail and the list is extensive. Why do we need to protect our mail? Email is used to get users to click on an attachment and before you know it, viruses, malware, ransomware become the order of the day in your organization. It is partly education but it is also found that although users are educated daily on the risks of opening some attachments, they still do.

How do I protect my eMail

 Ensure that the following points are addressed to ensure productivity is kept as well as protecting the company critical information:

  • Clean mail – Providing mail to the corporate mail system after all spam and viruses and content has been scrubbed resulting in saving storage space and increased productivity by employees.
  • Outbound filtering of all mails to ensure compliance is met and no data leaks occur.
  • Regulatory compliance ensures that confidential documents and information does not leave the corporate mail network.
  • Secure Mail – Encryption of outgoing mail to specific users to ensure that confidential documents are not intercepted and made public or used by competitors.
  • Forensic email archiving.
  • Communication Encryption