Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Next Generation Firewalls NGFW

 Why Next Generation Firewalls?

Hackers, viruses, ransomware, data theft, industrial espionage and even government sponsored attacks. The list of cyber threats that could put your business at risk goes on and on. Add to this all the new types of technologies such as the Cloud, BYOD, WiFi and other that is supposed to make your company more productive. But you quickly start to realize the complexity of securing it all that with that productivity the threat surface expands. The challenge isn’t just to make the network secure but also to make it efficient and productive at the same time.

Companies are now left with no option but to control the access to non-business-related Web sites, in an effort to stop intruders from gaining access to valuable information. As a result, productivity losses in the workplace have reached alarming proportions, and liability issues increasingly expose organisations to high risk factors. The loss of revenue streams in these situations is inevitable. In Africa, it is common knowledge that the network bandwidth is constrained, and without proper URL filtering, the constant fight to reduce bandwidth consumption becomes virtually impossible.

Unauthorized Employee Web browsing to illicit sites and other identified and unwanted content is the main threat to any organisation’s ability to close the loopholes in their revenue-generating production systems. This module provides a comprehensive policy based solution which compliments the other modules within the Problok Hyper-Shield©.